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Asphalt Driveways Built to Last

The driveway to your home can complete the picture, adding beauty and functional space that’s as inviting as it may be essential. While a well-paved driveway can last and look good for years, these features of homes don’t appear out of nowhere—and they won’t last forever. It can take the craftsmanship and expertise of an experienced paving company to lay, maintain, and replace high-quality residential driveways.

In Aurora, IL, homeowners who need top-rated pavers for driveway asphalt services have relied on Shamblin Paving for years. We are a full-service residential paving company that is known for excellence, and we back every project with our exceptional customer satisfaction guarantee.


Driveway Paving Services

Tear-Out and Replace

Damaged driveways cannot always be repaired, especially if problems extend to the subbase or subgrade. In these situations, digging out the existing materials and replacing the driveway can be necessary. This can require excavation and grading, depending on the condition of the subgrade and the existing drainage. Next, a solid base and new asphalt will be laid.

At Shamblin Paving, we can help you figure out if now is the right time for driveway replacement or if asphalt repairs, like hot crack sealing and sealcoating, may do the trick. If a tear-out and replacement are needed, we will schedule the project at your convenience and handle everything to make it as effortless, easy, and convenient for you as possible.

New Construction

Paving new driveways starts with careful planning. How will traffic flow through the area? Where are the best places for drainage? And what is the condition of the existing subgrade? These are some of the first questions that need to be answered in order to construct high-quality, resilient, and attractive driveways for homes.

Shamblin Paving has a long history of working with builders and contractors, as well as homeowners, who need newly constructed driveways for all types of residential properties in the Aurora, IL area.


Need a place to park recreational vehicles? Looking for more paved space for outdoor activities or entertainment? A driveway add-on can be the perfect solution for Aurora homeowners! Shamblin Paving can design the perfect add-on for your home, based on your needs and the existing layout and design of your property.


Discover more about our residential driveway paving services by checking out the FAQs below. You can also call Shamblin Paving to get answers to any of your questions about our residential driveway paving services in Aurora, IL.

How Long Will It Take to Pave My Driveway?

This depends on the size and condition of your driveway, as well as the specific type of service provided. Generally, our team needs a couple of days (1 to 2) to prepare driveways for a project, along with 1 day to lay new pavement. If existing pavement needs to be removed, with excavation, the project can take longer.

Our team will explain the timeline of your driveway project so that you know what to expect and how long each phase of the job will take.

When Can I Use My Driveway?

Newly paved driveways can be walked on the same day that asphalt is laid. The weather conditions can affect how long you have to wait before you can drive on newly paved driveways. For example, it can take at least 5 days for asphalt installed in the summertime to be ready for vehicles.

How Long Will My Driveway Last?

Driveways that are properly maintained can last for 20 to 30 years. This maintenance can include driveway sealcoating to prevent oxidation while keeping water, oil, and other elements out of the subgrade.

Asphalt Driveway Repairs

After constructing new driveways, Shamblin Paving can handle any asphalt repair needs that may arise in the future. Getting these repairs—like pothole repairs, hot crack sealing, and sealcoating—can be the key to extending the life of a driveway. In some instances, repairs can put off the need for driveway replacement for years.


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Why Choose Shamblin Paving?

Extensive experience, FREE quotes, 5-star reviews—those are just some of the reasons why Aurora homeowners keep choosing Shamblin Paving for their driveway and pavement needs. But don’t take our word for it—contact us for yourself to discover why we’re a top paving company in Aurora, IL!


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