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A Complete Guide to Parking Lot Catch Basins

Kelly ShamblinOctober 28, 2021
New parking lot construction of catch basin

Water is one of the biggest threats to your asphalt paving’s lifespan. And when you have standing water on your parking lot, it will accelerated damage to the surface, causing cracks, leading to more expensive damage to your asphalt’s base.

Today, we’ll talk about Catch Basins to give you a complete guide on how it works and how you can take care of it to keep your asphalt protected.

What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a drain in your parking lot which collects water runoff during heavy rains. Typically, the basin will empty in the city’s storm drain or retention pond. The drain has a steel grate over it to help filter out large debris.

Importance of Regular Catch Basin Maintenance

Your parking lot catch basin is exposed to a lot of harmful elements. Inevitably, it’s going to suffer damages from water erosion, recurrent freeze-thaw cycles, and the presence of salt and other chemicals.

What Kind of Catch Basin Repairs Are Available?

There are three catch basin repairs and what you should get will depend on the severity of the damage. You can choose from a full catch basin rebuild, a top half rebuild, or concrete ring replacements.

Do Catch Basins Need to Be Cleaned?

Yes. Over time, sand, rocks, trash and other items can build up in the bottom of the basin. Eventually, this build-up can cause the drainpipe to become clogged. After a heavy rain is the best time for a quick visual inspection

Cleaning is done using a vacuum truck to suck garbage, leaves, and mud from the bottom of the basin.

If you’re unsure about what needs to be done, make sure to contact us and we’ll send our expert team to inspect your catch basin and determine the necessary repair method.

Are Sinkholes And Catch Basins Related?

Often, a sinkhole can signify that your catch basin is damaged and poses a massive liability for the property owners.

Sinkholes can develop in areas near faulty catch basins when pipes that are leading to or from the basin collapses and water erodes the base of your asphalt.

Can a Catch Basin Be Installed Even Without Drainage

A catch basin can still be installed even if there is currently no drainage in your parking lot and if there is simply a low-lying area that holds water.

What Happens After A Catch Basin Is Repaired?

Once the catch basin has been successfully repaired, the surrounding areas will be repaired with either asphalt or concrete. This will help ensure that water flows smoothly towards the catch basin and won’t stand still on the surface.

When it comes to taking care of your parking lot, water is one of the few things you should always look out for, and make sure that you can keep it from inflicting damage to your asphalt at all costs.

That said, a well-maintained catch basin can help you get that job done efficiently. Your parking lot catch basin plays a huge role not just in keeping your property safe and looking good even during the wet season but also in protecting your valued investment and reducing your ownership costs.

We’ve been serving the West Suburbs of Chicago for over a decade. We have worked with countless clients - both large and small businesses, commercial and industrial facilities - in making sure their property is at its peak condition.

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